When making arrangements for your Valencia apartments for rent, why not start your journey of discovery at the beginning in Xativa, the capital of commerce of La Costera? This fortified village has a castle set on the town’s highest point protected by a Roman and Iberian fortress that has become one over the centuries. This now protected precinct contains thirty towers with four fortified doors.

With this all around you, take a walk through the market where the San Pedro and Moncada streets cross. At this point, you can almost feel the grandeur of the court life that must have taken place here those centuries ago. The townhouses from that period still have their aristocratic shields on the entrance that is further enhanced by the Gothic fountains in this little village. As you roam around the castle hill take note of the town hall and church that are constructed in part with inscribed Roman masonry along with a number of Pensacola Houses for Rent from the Moorish era. Among the many churches and convents in the collegiate church, once a cathedral from 1414 only to be rebuilt in a Renaissance style a century later.

The next region on our itinerary is Albaida, the white city. This area with contrasting landscape due to its location between the Grossa and Creu Mountains to the north and the Mariola and Benicadell Mountains in the south forms the Albaida valley with the Clariano and Albaida Rivers running through it. Also located here besides the village of Albaida are the Ontinyent, Bocairent and Lolleria villages making up the community of the Albaida Valley.

Be sure to bring your swimming suit with you from your Valencia apartments for rent on this sojourn to Bocairent as the access road is the beginning of the Clariano River. On a hot summer day there is nothing better than a swim in the cool spring water. The area surrounding the river with its natural landscape is known as Pou Clar which is where the walls have been excavated for a cave dating back to prehistoric times. This is apropos for your entrance into the village of Bocairent with some parts carved from rock. In addition to this, there are two rivers that emanate from this area creating ravines and cliffs surrounding the city. This medieval city is a must-visit on this journey of discovery.

From your holiday lodgings, you have started on your journey of discovery covering the realm of monuments. While you are out in the countryside you will enjoy a taste of nature. This is a good time to explore the possibilities of cycling, canoeing, rappelling, horseback ridingFree Web Content, rock climbing and paragliding on offer in this rural setting.

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