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How to Clean a Shower

How to Clean a Shower

Showers can get gross quickly. They easily gather grime, not to mention mold, which can make them feel exactly the opposite of hygienic. Worse yet, achieving a clean shower can often feel like one of the most challenging parts of cleaning your bathroom. That said, with just a few simple bathroom cleaning tools and solutions you can find at most supermarkets, you can quickly get the job done. Here’s how to thoroughly, easily clean your shower.

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How to clean your showerhead

Fill a plastic grocery bag or large resealable plastic bag with white vinegar. Wrap and seal this bag around the showerhead overnight. Remove the bag the next morning and run the showerhead to remove any deposits that have obstructed water flow.

How to clean your door or curtains

For a dirty shower door, a paste of one cup baking soda and just a few drops of distilled white vinegar can make a potent scrubbing agent. After generously applying this thick paste to your shower door for an hour, return with a microfiber cloth to remove the paste. Then, with a separate microfiber cloth, rinse and buff the door dry.

For shower curtains and liners, a typical cycle in a washing machine should do the trick. If you need to scrub soap residue or mold from your curtains and liners, add a few towels to the wash. These towels will naturally abrade the mold and soap residue off your curtains and liners. Additionally, curtains and liners should be air-dried instead of machine-dried.

How to clean your shower tub

If your shower isn’t a standing shower but instead a tub, you may find cleaning significantly easier. A simple scrub-down with your cleaning product and rag of choice should be enough to remove grime and stains from your tub. However, for especially dirty tubs, you may want to completely fill your tub with scalding hot water, then drain the tub and scrub it down with bathroom cleaner. Wait 15 minutes before rinsing and cleaning.

How to clean shower tiling

Perhaps the most challenging part of achieving a clean bathroom is removing buildup from the tile in your shower. Find an all-purpose cleaner and spray it on any areas of your tile that need to be cleaned. Then, run your shower at the hottest temperature possible for five minutes. Turn off your shower, then exit your bathroom and close the door to trap the steam (make sure your exhaust fan is off). After 20 minutes, return to wipe down all your tile. Use a microfiber cloth, and work your way down from the highest surfaces.

How to clean shower grout

Shower grout easily accumulates dirt and grime, but these substances don’t always come off easily. You’ll need a grout brush, rather than just ordinary rags and microfiber cloths, for proper grout care. Dip your brush in undiluted bleach, then aggressively scrub your discolored, dirty grout. For moldy grout, you may want to use hydrogen peroxide or vinegar in addition to bleach. After you scrub your grout, rinse well with water. If possible, ventilate the bathroom, as bleach can be harmful to inhale.

Do you have any special tips on how to clean a shower? Sound off in the comments!

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Three Small Apartment Clothing Storage Hacks

If you’ve lived in a small studio or one-bedroom apartment, you know how tough it can be to make space for all your clothes. Small apartments can be limited on closet space, not to mention floor space for additional items such as coat racks, shoe racks, and dressers. With these three small apartment clothing storage hacks, though, chances are you’ll find yourself fitting all your clothes in your small apartment with ease.

small apartment clothing storage

1. Under-bed storage

In small apartments, you only have so much floor space available. That’s why thinking vertically helps when it comes to small apartment clothing storage. Take a look around your apartment at the objects occupying the most floor space – is there any way you can fit other objects under them?

When it comes to your bed, chances are the answer will be yes. The space between your bed frame and your floor can provide more than enough room for storage bins (especially if you elevate your bed frame using bed risers). These under-bed storage bins make great homes for clothes, especially clothes you’re not wearing at the moment – a bin full of neatly folded and organized winter sweaters, for example, fits nicely under your bed and can stay there until the next time winter rolls around.

2. Top shelf storage

Many apartment closets come with a top shelf that provides plenty of storage space. That said, anyone who’s attempted to stack clothes on these top shelves knows that doing so can get messy and unorganized sooner than later. Perhaps more annoyingly, piles of clothes stacked too high on these shelves can easily come tumbling down, ruining all the careful organization work you’ve put in and making it difficult to use all the shelf space available.

Just as with under-bed storage, you can use storage bins to keep your top shelf organized and neat. If the same large, plastic tubs that can fit under your bed also fit your top shelf, you can easily use the same bins, but other options such as foot-by-foot storage cubes with lids may be better suited for turning your top shelf into a well-organized, easily stackable small apartment clothing storage space for socks, underwear, and other modestly sized garments. With proper top-shelf storage items, you can effectively add an extra shelf or two to your closet.

3. Benches, trunks, and ottomans

The best apartment storage hacks simultaneously expand the space you have available for stashing away items while adding decorative flair to your apartment. Benches, trunks, and especially ottomans can easily pull off this pair of needs while helping you maximize your small apartment clothing storage.

A bench at the foot of your bed that both looks nice and is tall enough to gently disguise storage boxes under it can help to streamline your small apartment clothing storage. A trunk that at first appears to be just a pretty decoration can likewise include ample space for coats, linens, and more. A large storage ottoman may be best of all for small apartment clothing storage, as not only do ottomans look especially natural at the foot of a bed and provide additional seating, but they also tend to mask their double use as storage far better than benches and trunks do.

How do you make space for your small apartment clothing storage? Sound off in the comments!

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