Staying in Alicante apartments for rent provides the perfect opportunity to experience Mediterranean cuisine enjoyed by people living there. Food and wine are available to a very high standard in Alicante and a holiday to this Spanish province gives you the chance to indulge yourself in some of Spain’s finest cuisine.

Possibly the best aspect of the Alicante dishes is rice. Inspired by Roman and Moorish influence, rice features in many of Alicante’s dishes: most famously in paella. Really, paella includes a couple of ingredients Alicante is best-noted for: sea food and rice. Although popular throughout a lot of Spain, paella has a special connection to the Alicante region. Clearly, you will find other rice dishes available but paella simply ended up being the favourite.

Meat dishes include pork and also rabbit that is much loved by locals. For vegetarians, rice with a baked egg on top always proves popular. Sea food is very well-liked with tuna being the most popular. Tuna is often offered as an entree, usually in a salted form, alongside a salad. Other fish that are popular are red mullet and sardines, all available in many restaurants throughout Alicante. Sea food in Alicante stretches beyond just fish, with squid and prawns being extremely popular in the region.

For dessert the most popular dishes in the area are nougat or turron. A turron is a typical dessert in Alicante, usually eaten during the holidays. Created from walnuts and sugar, the dessert is offered in lots of restaurants that will be near to your chosen Alicante apartments for rent.

Alicante is also famous for dessert wine. Alicante is as famous because of its wines as a couple of other regions in Spain, but is particularly well known for its production of El Fondillon. El Fondillon consists of over ripe grapes that make a sweet dessert wine that is popular throughout the country along with other regions of Europe. Created with the Monastrell grape, El Fondillon remains recommended by the EU as a high quality wine categorised in the same way as port, champagne and sherry.

Due to the closeness of the sea and the ease of travel all adds up to make Alicante a beautiful holiday destination, with one of the finest aspects being the fine food and wine in the area. From the popular paella to El FondillonArticle Submission, Alicante’s food and wine helps make it an appetising place to choose by any visitor.